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ARTNSTORY Communication

ARTNSTORY Communication curates cross-generational exhibitions through contemporary art and provides complete art consulting services in order to bolster international cultural exchanges and invigorate the Korean contemporary art scene beyond domestic boundaries. Keeping pace with the art market trend as a whole expended and the global attention to Korean art, ARTNSTORY Communication strives for creating a curatorial heritage leading to valuable cultural exchange and globalization of Korean contemporary art.



ARTNSTORY Communication aims at realizing awe-inspiring exhibitions fostering timeless values and intergenerational connectivity based on in-depth research and insight into contemporary art history, theory, criticism, and aesthetics.​


By focusing on curatorial practices for contemporary art, ARTNSTORY Communication commits to enhancing the international competitiveness of the K-Art, strengthening partnerships and cooperation in the contemporary art scene, supporting artists and their creativity activities by matching potential patrons, and creating an effective archiving system.

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